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We know that a fast, accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment are key to achieving the best possible health outcome for your pet and that’s why we have such an extensive range of onsite diagnostic and treatment facilities. In addition to what our in-house staff can offer, we have partnered with specialists across various veterinary disciplines to ensure the best person for the job is always caring for your pet. We are connected with specialist surgeons, ultrasonographers, radiologists and oncologists who have the specialised skills and experience necessary to effectively diagnose and manage more complex health conditions.

Pet Care

  • There are three reasons why we recommend a full consultation and health check for every pet at the time of vaccination:
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  • If we surveyed pet owners about potential allergy symptoms in dogs and cats, most would list signs such as recurrent ear infections, generalised itchiness, paw licking, or tummy upset.
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  • Whilst most owners understand the impact of their pet's oral health on their general health and quality of life, many may still need clarification on the practical ways to achieve excellent pet dental hygiene.
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